For the last three years, I have been searching for someone or something that could provide the support I needed to build businesses to create the change I wanted to see in the world. I have had a cycle of contractors in and out of my businesses. While many were excellent performers and experts in their given areas (web development, legal, admin) none of them really understood me or my business. They were about getting the work done, which was great, but something was still missing. They didn´t have the personal investment in creating positive change in the world. Their morals and business values did not align with my own and it showed, not only in our engagement, but in the work they produced.

That all changed when I met Natalia. Natalia sees how much better the world could be and she takes steps and action in order to create it. Instead of having to explain why I was doing business differently, we could get right to work because she already got it. She was there to support me and my dreams from day one. That encouragement and support she provides goes such a long way in a world based on exploitation and injustice.

Not only was she able to lift my business up and do the work I didn´t have the time or desire to do, but she also lifted me up. Building a business is hard. That is why it is so important that we build our businesses with a community that believes in us and our work. Natalia is the first member of my team that has actually been able to do that.

From a working perspective, Natalia is outstanding. She was able to seamlessly take over responsibility for all of the things I was overwhelmed by. She jumped right in to the administrative,planning,and web development work that I really didn´t have the time for. She is thorough and deliberate in her communication. Her organization skills are outstanding, making working remotely that much easier. Having her support allowed me more time and energy to actually focus on building and growing my businesses instead of having to focus on day to day operations. Working with Natalia helps to ensure that the train is always moving forward, even when I need a break.

“She supports her clients not only with her day to day work, but also with a litany of tools and tips for how to be more productive and balanced in life. Natalia takes some of the work off of my plate and also helps to ensure I am able to do my work better. As an entrepreneur, it makes such a huge difference to know that someone has your back. I am forever grateful for the administrative, web development, and moral support Natalia provides. I´m not sure my businesses would exist without her.”

Sarah sadowski

Hecho en Riviera Maya - Mexico

I was impressed about your work ethic in first place, it was good to found out how proactive you are, figuring out and learning how to use the different tools I was already using in my business.

How you write on my language really impressed me and the general look you gave to the social media platforms is amazing! Much more professional, cleaner and also with a stronger and way better strategy behind it. 

The biggest challenge when working together is to understand what the person is asking, and come up with something that is actually what the person wants without going endless back and forth, so I really like and got supper impressive with the results you brought to my business, personally I would never have done all the task I gave you so fast and high quality.

You always take a lot out of yourself to be proactive! Whenever we had meeting you always come up prepared with questions to clarify why I wanted, so this is something I really value and appreciated since the beginning. You always showed you want to go for it and make it happen for me, my business and my goals.

You are the kind of person who I want to work with! You are a VA who take initiative and is proactive! This is what a lot of people looks for, what brings value to business owners, when you can really take time, stress and thoughts always from them and create space in their agendas to focus the essential.

Being in the same boat is essential! Why would I work with someone that doesn’t have the same values as my business? I personally would never work with a VA that is carrying the foundations of my business who is not sharing the same values, so I think it is super important, it’s essential that we are sharing the same goals and values in life, so this also reflects on the business itself! “

Koen Vassen

The Vegan Academy - Slovenia

Natalia worked here in Dublin for Artisan Brew Academy. She was a huge help around the place. She helped design beer labels, helped with Social Media duties and, assisted our master brewer at live brewing events. Natalia will be a success at whatever she decides to do and we here at Artisan Brew Dublin wish her all the success in the world.


Artisan Brew Academy Owner - Dublin

I am glad to see that your project is developing! I would also like to thank you for the support you have been giving in the project Micelio. Your collaboration – sharing ideas, giving advice, and taking over important tasks in web development, social media strategy planning, branding, and marketing – really helped us a lot to grow. So thank you for your engagement and improvements with my project.

Zsófi Vidak

Micelio Community - Barcelona

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